That was December

We had two beautiful snowfalls in December, strictly 4x4s only on the roads, but the snow was quickly gone. I have bought a toboggan to entice it back again.

Some lovely atmospheric pictures of the cottages and village.

The Amberley War Memorial looking down towards the cottages

The cottages in the snow. Our lane is on the right!

Our local, The Black Horse, with convenient transport outside.

The autumn finale

It’s been a lovely autumn here in the Cotswolds. Our beech woods are still looking rather splendid, particularly on a sunny day. Amberley is adjacent to Minchinhampton Common on the top of the hills. Just below the common, running round like a monk’s tonsure, are the beech woods, full of bluebells and wild garlic in spring.

There are woods just below the cottages for energetic and dog friendly walks.